Pico Blanco Hiking

If you would like to hike up into the Escazu mountains. For a great view of San Jose, Costa Rica and surrounding volcanoes. This is a perfect half-day hike. With your own private guide. 

Cerro Pico Blanco


What's Included

  • Personal Guide with knowledge of the plants and wildlife.
  • Coffee, Mint tea or Agua Dulce and a cake at the top of Cerro Pico Blanco.
  • Water 500ml.



Elevation Gain

1030m (3380 foot)





The Hike

We will start walking from Plaza San Antonio south towards the Escazu mountains. Walking 2km (1.2 miles) on paved road through a nice neighbourhood. Until we reach a dirt road, we walk along this for 1,5km (0.9 miles). Then we are onto the trail 3km (2 miles) to the summit Pico Blanco. In total its 6.5km (4 miles) to the top. 13km (8 mile) return. On the route there are a lot of good spots to take pictures and rest and enjoy the view. At the top I will serve everyone a agua dulce or coffee and a slice of cake. This is a challenging hike from the start. We will climb a total of 1030m (3380 feet). The hike requires a modest level of fitness.


We will begin the hike at a prearranged time from the meeting point. Preferably between 6 and 9am in the morning, as there is less likely to be cloud cover once we reach the summit and also so we are not ascending during the hottest part of the day. The hike takes anywhere between 4 1/2 hours to 6 hours return journey depending on fitness levels and breaks.

What to Bring

I highly recommend the following:

  • Comfortable footwear; The more grip the better!
  • 2 litres of water.
  • Food; chocolate, cookies, empanadas, potato chips. Anything to keep your energy up. 

Other recommendations

  • A long sleeved top; Occasionally it can be quite cool at the summit
  • Raincoat.